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Editor’s Notice: The names of the individuals showcased in this report have been changed to secure their identities.

Sitting in her modest apartment close to Amsterdam, Wafa turns on her cellular phone and opens WhatsApp. She’s loaded with a combination of hope and worry.

Masking her face with her hijab, Wafa, 40, weeps as she waits for two blue check out marks confirming Maha has obtained her concept — the only indication that her 23-year-old daughter is nonetheless alive.

Maha and her virtually 2-year-old son Odai are trapped in Raqqa, ISIS’ de facto money in Syria and one of the most isolated destinations on Earth. When she can come across a uncommon net connection absent from watchful eyes, Maha talks to her mother by way of WhatsApp voice concept.

“When I really don’t hear everything, when there is no news, it’s like a little something inside me is dying,” Wafa states.

When Wafa arrived in the Netherlands right after fleeing Raqqa in 2014, she pleaded with her daughter to observe. As a substitute, Maha stayed guiding with her spouse and son, promising to sign up for her mother afterwards. But she would not get the prospect. ISIS’ spiritual law enforcement beheaded Maha’s spouse right after obtaining a concept to a Syrian routine soldier on his cellular phone.

Now, as US-led coalition forces encircle the ISIS stronghold, an escape seems even far more dangerous and Maha’s voice messages to her mother have turn out to be significantly determined. With so a great deal emotion in their voices some sections are inaudible.

The subsequent conversation has been tailored from voice messages exchanged among Maha and Wafa on WhatsApp due to the fact January. Wafa shared these messages with CNN.


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  1. Laura  July 12, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Please publish updates on Wafa and Maha on CNN. I read that story and have been so worried about them. How can one show their support to Wafa?


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