Utilizing Fast Offline Conversion to Allow Transparent Details Encryption in EBS

We are delighted to announce a new capability that allows you to conduct offline, in-position conversion of datafiles for use with Transparent Details Encryption (TDE). This Fast Offline Conversion element is now out there for use with Oracle E-Organization Suite 12.1.3 and 12.2.2 and afterwards 12.2.x databases.

What does this element do?

Fast Offline Conversion converts present obvious info to TDE-encrypted tablespaces.

The encryption is transparent to the software, so code does not have to be rewritten and present SQL statements will function unchanged. Any authorized databases session can read through the encrypted info: the encryption only applies to the databases datafiles and backups.

This new course of action is now the advised procedure for changing to TDE with minimum downtime and lowest complexity. It supersedes prior solutions for changing to TDE.

How do I go about using this element?

You empower Fast Offline Conversion by implementing a patch to your EBS 12.1..2 or 11.2..4 databases. The patch – which is out there on ask for from Oracle Assist – allows offline, in-position TDE conversion of datafiles.

Exactly where are the detailed guidance?

Comprehensive ways for enabling Fast Offline Conversion are provided in the next My Oracle Assist information doc:

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