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Bill Schmarzo

By Invoice Schmarzo

CTO, Dell EMC Providers (aka “Dean of Large Data”)December 11, 2017

Data Monetization! Data Monetization! Data Monetization!

 It is the new mantra of quite a few businesses. But what does “data monetization” definitely imply, how do you do it, and far more importantly, who in the business owns the task of “data monetization”?

The purpose of Main Data Officer (CDO) would look to be a godsend to solution the data monetization challenge. They should really be the catalyst in assisting businesses to develop into far more effective at leveraging data and analytics to energy the electronic transformation.

Even so, all is not very well in the world of the CDO. Quite a few businesses appoint a CDO with an Info Technologies (IT) history – the same history and practical experience as the Main Info Officer (CIO). The business then finishes up splitting the existing CIO purpose involving the recent CIO and the CDO providing the CDO the responsibilities affiliated with data collection, governance, defense and obtain.

Splitting the existing CIO purpose is not ample. As an alternative, the CDO wants a fully diverse charter than the CIO, and a essential part of that charter should be all over data monetization.

A recent posting titled “The CDO and the CIO: Is it a Appreciate or Hate Marriage?” highlighted some of the worries that the CDO faces in getting the guidance they need to have to be productive:

  • Only 47 per cent of CDOs are provided a obvious remit or goal when they join an business.
  • Significantly less than 50 % are provided the suitable staffing for their place of work.
  • Only a quarter are provided authority around data throughout departments.
  • CDOs are provided funds and applicable know-how just around 50 % the time.

My particular practical experience is consistent with these conclusions. In a weblog titled “Chief Data Officer: The Legitimate Dean of Large Data?” I stated:

“The CDO doesn’t need to have an IT history (that’s the CIO’s task). I suggest an economics schooling because economists have been qualified to assign price to abstract concepts and belongings. An economist is “an specialist who experiments the relationship involving an organization’s resources and its output or output (price).” And in today’s world, assigning price to advanced data sets can be really abstract.

 A far more correct title for this purpose may well be CDMO – Main Data Monetization Officer – as their purpose wants to be targeted on deriving price from, or monetizing, the organization’s data belongings. This also wants to consist of deciding how a lot to commit to obtain added data sources that would enhance the organization’s existing data sources and enhance their analytic results.”

That is suitable. Considerably of the confusion involving the roles, duties and expectations involving the CIO and the CDO could be clarified with a uncomplicated title transform: Main Data Monetization Officer. The CDO, or CDMO, would have responsibility for monetizing the organization’s data and analytics for running, refining, sharing and monetizing the organization’s data and analytic electronic belongings.

Enter the Main Data Monetization Officer

The title suggests it all the purpose of the Main Data Monetization Officer is to lead the organization’s endeavours to monetize the businesses data (and resulting analytics). To accomplish that, the CDMO’s essential duties need to have to consist of:

Doc Company Use Instances for Data Property. Carry out a methodology that identifies, validates, prioritizes and files the organization’s essential company and operational use conditions. The use case documentation should really connect with out the use case economical drivers as very well as the implementation challenges.

Determine 1: Doc Company or Operational Use Instances


Seize and Re-use Data Property. Build a methodology that facilitates the seize, refinement, improvement and sharing of the organization’s data belongings.

Determine 2: Seize, Catalog, Refine and Share Data Property


Seize and Re-use Analytic Property. Embrace a methodology and instruments that aid the seize, version management, regression screening and sharing of the organization’s analytic belongings.

Determine 3: Seize, Catalog, Refine and Share Analytic Property


Build Collaborative Price Generation System. Build and leverage a data lake that results in being the ultimate repository for the organization’s essential electronic belongings – data and analytics.

Determine 4: Data Lake: The Collaborative Price Generation System


Analytic Instruments and Methodology Management. Deploy and run analytic and data administration instruments such as the analysis, assortment, administration and retirement of the organization’s data administration and data science instruments. This purpose also owns the growth and adoption of a data science exploration and screening process (see Determine 5).

Determine 5: Data Exploration System


Cultivate Data Science Team. Build the organization’s data engineering and data science abilities. This includes the choosing, coaching, growth, administration and retention of the data engineering and data science teams, as very well as any partnering procedures.  It is the data science workforce that finally powers the organization’s “data monetization” endeavours.

Main Data Monetization Officer: Electronic Transformation Catalyst

A modest range of businesses are starting up to fully grasp the delicate still important discrepancies involving a Main Data Officer (who is chartered with running the organization’s data) and a Main Data Monetization Officer (who is chartered with monetizing the organization’s data). And there are illustrations from which we can learn far more about the mother nature of the monetization purpose. For instance, most electronic media businesses have a Main Profits Officer. The Main Profits Officer is accountable for driving better integration and alignment involving all revenue-associated features, such as internet marketing, revenue, buyer guidance, pricing, and revenue administration.

Ultimately the CDO wants to individual the organization’s “Digital Transformation” process, which includes addressing:

  1. How effective is your business at leveraging data and analytics to energy your company product?
  2. Do you fully grasp your businesses essential company initiatives and how they gain from big data?
  3. Do you have company stakeholder active participation in placing your use case roadmap?
  4. Do you fully grasp the economic price of your data and how that influences your know-how and company investments?
  5. Do you fully grasp how to make a platform that exploits the economic price
    of your data?

See the weblog “5 Queries that Outline Your Electronic Transformation” for far more details on how to handle the 5 electronic transformation concerns previously mentioned.

Data Monetization Call to Action

It is time to arm the CDO with the instruments important to push the organization’s data monetization endeavours. This includes:

  • The Eyesight Workshop as a signifies to recognize, validate and prioritize the organization’s data monetization endeavours. Check out the “Big Data Eyesight Workshop” site for far more details on the Eyesight Workshop process and essential deliverables.
  • The data lake as the organization’s “collaborative price creation platform.” Check out the weblog “Data Lake Company Product Maturity Index” for far more details on the Data Lake and the Elastic Data System.


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