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Bill Schmarzo

By Monthly bill Schmarzo

CTO, Dell EMC Providers (aka “Dean of Massive Data”)December 13, 2017

As we stop 2017, I’m fatigued of writing “lecturing” blogs about what corporations must be carrying out to master knowledge monetization in get to electrical power their enterprise products and accomplish digital transformation. While the goal of each and every business must be to master huge knowledge and knowledge science (artificial intelligence, device studying, deep studying) to generate “data monetization,” let’s consider a breath and have some enjoyment.

My modern ankle medical procedures afforded me the opportunity to binge look at “Game of Thrones.”  As I viewed the impending fight concerning the White Walkers and humanity, I could not assist but detect a quantity of classes that we can master from Jon Snow’s fight with the leader of the White Walkers…and the electrical power of Valyrian metal! Match of Thrones and knowledge, not precisely two matters you believe are in harmony, but this is where by I discover myself.

Determine 1: White Walker’s “Oh Sh*t” moment when he realizes Jon Snow’s sword is made of Valyrian steel…Oh yea!


So let’s grab our preferred Valyrian metal sword and halt the White Walkers from hindering knowledge monetization!

  • “Reporting” White Walker. The “Reporting” White Walker is continue to fixated on building studies and dashboards that check what occurred versus developing state-of-the-art analytics to predict what is probably to occur. If I can predict what is probably to occur, then I can prescribe corrective or preventive steps to possibly stay away from (or avert) costly circumstances or uncover new monetization alternatives. Staying in a position to leverage huge knowledge with knowledge science to predict what is probably to occur in get to prescribe corrective steps is the coronary heart of the knowledge monetization procedure.

See “Using Info Analytics to Avoid, Not Just Report” for far more information on monetizing predictive knowledge analytics.

  • “Technology First” White Walker. Just about each and every business seems to want to get started their knowledge monetization efforts by loading up on technologies. But starting up with the technologies is like pushing a rope. Companies need to have to to start with have an understanding of what is critical to the enterprise by pinpointing use cases and the financial value of individuals use cases. Then, consider the time to have an understanding of and envision how huge knowledge and knowledge science can empower individuals use cases. It is the enterprise and operational use cases, and the financial values of individuals use cases that underpin an organization’s knowledge monetization efforts.

See “Artificial Intelligence is not Phony Intelligence” for far more information on the maturity of artificial intelligence and its purpose in knowledge monetization.

  • “Data Warehouse” White Walker.Saying that you are going to generate your huge knowledge and knowledge science journey through your knowledge warehouse is like declaring you are going to the moon and then climbing a tree. Certainly, it is correct you’re closer, but you simply cannot get to the moon from the prime of a tree. Instead, corporations need to have to embrace the knowledge lake as the “collaborative value creation” system that permits the organization’s knowledge monetization efforts. The knowledge lake is the great system for knowledge exploration in get to detect variables and metrics that may well be better predictors of enterprise and operational performance.

See “Data Lake Company Design Maturity Index” for far more information on how to remodel your knowledge lake into a “collaborative value creation” system.

  • “It’s an IT Problem” White Walker. Business leaders who believe knowledge monetization is an IT (Data Technological know-how) operate are doomed to march with the military of the useless. The knowledge monetization procedure commences with, and is hinged on, pinpointing, validating and prioritizing the organization’s critical enterprise and operational use cases.That calls for personal and early enterprise stakeholder involvement to generate that procedure, and as similarly critical, to establish the financial ramifications (e.g., return on expenditure, net existing value, inner rate of return) from optimizing individuals use cases.

See the website “Use Circumstance Identification, Validation and Prioritization” for far more information on stopping the “It’s an IT Problem” White Walker.

  • “No Main Info Officer” White Walker. You could now know from my former blogs how substantially I dislike the “Chief Info Officer” (CDO) title. Many corporations employ the CDO purpose to offload the knowledge management jobs of the CIO. I want to perspective the CDO as the “Chief Info Monetization Officer” whose major enterprise duty is to detect methods for maximizing the organization’s knowledge monetization efforts to direct the organization’s initiatives all over integrating knowledge and analytics to enhance the organization’s critical enterprise and operational use cases and establish the affiliated economic value of individuals knowledge sources and analytics.

See” Main Info Officer: The Legitimate Dean of Massive Info?” for far more information on defining the purpose of the CDO.

  • “Data is a Cost” White Walker. Too quite a few corporations continue to believe 1) knowledge is a expense to be minimized and 2) make it the duty of the IT business to do that. For case in point, whilst Hadoop can absolutely be utilised to minimize an organization’s Extract Transform Load (ETL) expenditures in populating their knowledge warehouse, the serious value of the knowledge is in the one of a kind asset characteristics of these digital enterprise assets. These property under no circumstances deplete, under no circumstances put on out, and can be utilised throughout an infinite quantity of use cases at close to-zero marginal expense. Companies do not have any other property with individuals one of a kind and exploitable characteristics. Info is not the new oil Info is the sun!

See “Economic Worth of Info (EvD) Challenges” and the affiliated University of San Francisco investigate paper for far more information on embracing a knowledge science and economics perspective to knowledge monetization.

So grab your Valyrian metal sword and act today to halt these knowledge monetization White Walkers! Otherwise be well prepared to get pleasure from taking orders from a White Walker (and I see they do not invest substantially time at Starbucks or Chipotle).

Wintertime is coming…


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