OpenSSL and mod_ssl Replacing Oracle Wallet and mod_ossl for EBS 12.1


The use of mod_ssl is getting phased in together with OpenSSL for the E-Small business Suite 12.1 product line. Oracle E-Small business Suite Release 12.1 is migrating to OpenSSL and mod_ssl know-how in order to potential proof the TLS implementation.  OpenSSL and mod_ssl are essential for TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 and to aid new cipher suites.

We presented aid for mod_ssl and OpenSSL in a phased technique, so that deployment can b

e planned methodically.  Given the rate of SSL and TLS vulnerabilities that have been located a short while ago and the confined quantity of powerful cipher suites supported with Oracle Wallet, we remarkably recommend that our consumers make the transition to TLS 1.1 or 1.2 faster relatively than afterwards. This way, migrating does not have to be carried out as a fireplace drill.

You must follow the guidelines in Enabling TLS in Oracle E-Small business Suite Release 12.1 (Notice 376700.1) to apply or migrate to OpenSSL and mod_ssl. 

For reference, the older mod_ossl (SSL v3 and TLS 1.) which uses the Oracle wallet for the certificates is documented in Enabling SSL or TLS in Oracle E-Small business Suite Release 12 (2143099.1).  

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