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Oliver Roll enjoys bringing significant and bold strategies to lifetime. In his 1st year at Cisco, he’s experienced a probability to do just that as Main Communications Officer. Concentrate Magazine not long ago sat down with Oliver to discuss about Cisco’s tale, as well as his very own.

Concentrate Magazine: You might be about a year into your part as Cisco’s Main Communications Officer.

Oliver Roll Which is appropriate, it was a year on December 12th.

Concentrate Magazine: Explain to me how this previous year has been, in addition to heading comprehensive throttle on all cylinders?

Oliver Roll: I use two words to describe my 1st year here at Cisco. Powerful and energizing energizing mainly because I’m stimulated in various approaches just about every day so my mind is just getting a ball! I have a amazing established of fascinating points to perform on, whether it can be Cisco’s tale and how we articulate why we issue, the value we offer prospects by way of our items and options,  or our position and strategy with globe occasions. It really is just massively, massively stimulating.

My second word is powerful. I joined at a time when the organization was in the center of a quite considerable transformation. We have grown up as this quite effective networking organization. We are at a now at a place where we are fully evolving the value we present prospects by way of our stability portfolio, by way of analytics and by way of intuitive technologies. The change the organization is heading by way of has built for an powerful year.

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Concentrate Magazine: You’ve been at the forefront of some awesome launches in 2017, like Spark Board and The Network Intuitive. They were being quite various from what Cisco has carried out in the earlier. Can you inform me about that?

Oliver Roll: There are plenty of firms performing quite intriguing points which helps make for a large amount of sounds. For Cisco, it can be truly important to elevate ourselves and that’s what we did with our Network Intuitive launch.

What I have located is that if you want to break by way of, you have to pick out one plan or one topic that will rise above, and communicate it in a meaningful and surprising way. Which is what we’ve tried using to do.

Concentrate Magazine: You were being brought in to shake points up and to deliver about change.

Oliver Roll: You might be appropriate and what I often discuss about is to think about alternatives and to be formidable about where we want to go. You can constantly pull it again, but I assume our work as communicators is to think about alternatives and to paint the photo of where we want to get to.

We have to change our behaviors.  We have to test new points. We have to put ourselves in awkward positions mainly because if we you should not we will not locate the variety of achievement we want. Which is what we did with our communications for the Network Intuitive launch.We have to change our behaviors.  We have to test new points. We have to put ourselves in awkward positions mainly because if we you should not we will not locate the variety of achievement we want. 

Concentrate Magazine: Explain to me what you want Cisco’s tale to be.

Oliver Roll:  At the best degree, my hope for Cisco is that we make a meaningful variation to firms that obtain our options, and we make a meaningful variation to persons and communities that benefit from our technologies. We are a connector.  We securely hook up persons and points to make awesome points doable.  That is what we do. That is who we are. That is our tale.

Concentrate Magazine: You might be an skilled at placing alongside one another puzzles. You see all of these items all in excess of the location, and then you determine out how everything matches alongside one another.

Oliver Roll: A puzzle is a excellent way to assume about points. The critical is that you want those puzzle items to produce a truly stimulating, persuasive photo, one that doesn’t want to be spelled out. You seem at it and you understand it, which is the identical as a tale. You hear it, you understand and it lands.

Concentrate Magazine:  We talked about Cisco’s tale, how about telling us some of your tale? You might be a self-proclaimed junk foods junkie who retains that in verify by performing flywheel, appropriate?

Oliver Roll: I eat dreadfully and I despise training but I’m finding more mature and I want to be much healthier.  I discovered FlyWheel in Seattle and it can be the only training that I truly delight in. You have loud tunes and you’re in the darkish and someone’s shouting at you, and you’re stimulated and energized.  

I do ski as well, but my spouse hates skiing mainly because she hates the paraphernalia and the cold. I took my 5 year aged daughter for two times and she beloved it. I am so pleased that we have a further skier in the spouse and children.  She and I are heading to ski alongside one another now for years to occur, and hopefully my son will really like it way too.

Concentrate Magazine: You deliver an authenticity to perform. You are quite open up about who you are and persons seem to relate to that.

Oliver Roll: We are all just persons. I’m the identical particular person at perform as outside the house of perform. I’m quite expressive and that just arrives out. What I have figured out is the additional genuine you can be at perform, the additional you open up on your own up to a degree of vulnerability, the additional you can determine out the appropriate location, the appropriate work and the appropriate part.

Concentrate Magazine: Around the time you started out at Cisco, you figured out your youngest daughter Amara suffers from a unusual and intense neurological problem referred to as FOXG1 Syndrome. Can you discuss about the support you’ve got gained at Cisco?

Oliver Roll: I have experienced so significantly support and excellent thoughts by so quite a few persons. It was complicated for me to open up up about Amara, but that vulnerability has brought this kind of amazing heat and compassion. Her problem usually means that without a cure she’s not likely to walk or discuss and will have intense developmental issues.

One particular of the terrific points about Cisco is that we are all section of a local community. Some firms pick out a trigger, but Cisco enables persons and staff members to pick out will cause they are most passionate about.

My spouse Nasha not long ago co-established the FOXG1 Research Group, which is focused on discovering a cure for FOXG1 Syndrome. Scientists think that FOXG1 holds the critical to knowledge quite a few mind-linked problems which include autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and mind most cancers.

It really is been terrific that Cisco has the matching system, and now the FOXG1 study group is now section of that. We are quite fortunate to be residing here and to be section of this Cisco local community as we continue this journey with Amara.

I have constantly tried using to assume about how I could help the most. When I was still at Microsoft in London, I took section in some thing referred to as Byte evening.  Every year, we slept in a park in the center of London where the homeless slumber to help increase funds on their behalf. I have constantly picked out to get included with issues that have spoken to me.  Now I have a quite personal trigger with Amara.  

Editors note: Click on here to donate to the FOXG1 Research Group or to locate out additional data.


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