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Global support for Huawei servers maintenance.


Servers Maintenance

We provide Huawei servers maintenance services and global support in 193 countries. Supply of original parts and SLA with response time 24 / 7 - 365 days.

Upgrade Parts

Upgrade of controller cards, HDD, memories, processors, supplies, tape drives.
Firmware updates, drive, BIOS, software installation, operating systems plus server virtualization.

Huawei Servers Maintenance
Global Support

Accompaniment necessary after the opening of the call, supply of parts with logistics centers distributed throughout the world. Technicians available 24 hours a day in 193 countries, performing corrective and preventive maintenance on Huawei servers.

Remote incident tracking

Real-time ticket updates 24 hours a day with trilingual call center.

Field Engineer Services On Demand

Huawei Servers Maintenance

• Consultation and comprehensive end to end Server lifecycle management
• Break-fix solutions for server, storage and other types of IT hardware
• Flexible support for ad-hoc needs and contingencies
• Pro-active and reactive monitoring of servers
• Incident management, Problem management, Change Management
• Vendor management including server hardware procurement and installation

We work with all Huawei Server Models

Mission Critical Servers
• KunLun Critical Mission Server 9008/9016/9032

•ES3000 V3 SSD

FusionServer Blade E Series Servers
• Converged Infrastructure Blade Server E9000
• FusionServer CH242 V3 Computing Node
• FusionServer CH226 V3 Storage Expansion Computing Node
• Fully Computing Node Flash FusionServer CH225 V3
• FusionServer CH222 V3 Storage Expansion Computing Node
• FusionServer CH220 V3 Computing Node for I / O Expansion
• FusionServer CH140 V3 Computing Node
• FusionServer CH121 V3 Computing Node
• FusionServer CH140L V3 Computing Node
•FusionServer CH121L V3 Computing Node

Hyperconvergent Infrastructure
• FusionCube 9000
• FusionCube 6000

RH Series Rack Servers
• Rack Server FusionServer RH8100 V3
• Rack Server FusionServer RH5885H V3
• Rack Server FusionServer RH5885 V3
• Rack Server FusionServer 5288 V3
• Rack Server FusionServer RH2288H V3
• Rack Server FusionServer RH2288 V3
• Rack Server RH1288 V3
• NAS Storage System N2000 V3 Series

FusionServer X Series High Density Servers
• DataCenter FusionServer X6800 Server
• FusionServer XH628 V3 Server Node
• FusionServer XH622 V3 Server Node
• FusionServer XH620 V3 Server Node
• FusionServer X6000 High Density Server
• FusionServer XH321 V3 Server Node.

Huawei Servers Maintenance