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Preventive Maintenance

It is always better to be safe than sorry. When the subject is computer the rule remains valid. Keeping computers in good condition saves time, money and avoids problems.
There are some procedures that can be adopted for the proper functioning of your computer, such as;
• Remove unnecessary programs installed on your computer.
• New Updates for installed software and for the operating system.
• Renew software and antivirus licenses.
• Keep your monitor, keyboard and peripherals clean.
• Updating of operating systems and software.
• Disk defragmentation.
• Anti-virus installation / update.
• Internal cleaning of computer components.
• Disc Cleanning.

Corrective Maintenance

Correction of any faults of equipment diagnosed by the user or by the technical inspection. This may be a defect in the Operating System or Hardware.
We offer desktop, server, storage and tape libraries management solutions. We monitor, review, and maintain your 24x7 appliances for 365 days with global coverage.


We never stop!

Servers Maintenance

The servers work nonstop 24x7 and this is one of the reasons that make them great equipment, but like any machine they require some maintenance.
The monitoring and maintenance routine avoids an inconvenience in their business often caused by a server failure, RAID failed, or disk backups still reached 100% capacity corrupting its database.
We offer server management solutions, monitor, review and keep their equipment running 24/7 for 365 days with global coverage.

1. Check backups.
2. Check Disk Usage.
3. RAID monitoring alarm verification.
4. Operating System Update.
5. Control Panel Update.
6. Application selection Update.
7. Remote Management Tools.
8. Hardware Error Checking.
9. Using the Check server.
10. User Account Review.
11. Changing passwords.
12. System Security Check.
13. Security Periodic Review.
14. Remote Audit tool such as Nessus.
15. Security Audits.
16. System Configuration Check.
17. Updates Operating System.
18. Maintenance recommended at least 4 times a year or monthly.

Storages Maintenance

Zion Tech Group provides storages maintenance services for various manufacturers; HP  
STK, etc ...

Global coverage 24x7 obeying critical levels of SLA properly professionals certified and qualified.

We offer installation and configuration as well as constant monitoring, always performing the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance of the elements of your fleet. Keep your active computing environment, monitored and controlled ensuring the performance and quality of results by maximizing the efficiency of its assets.

Storage and control of information is the key to business growth, solutions like "Big Data", tools for critical analysis and decision-making are key factors in the growth strategy and competitiveness in your market. Reduce the risk of downtime in your computing environment is a key factor for success in this scenario of high levels of competition.

Flexible contracts for Monitoring, Support and Maintenance in their computer systems involving certified engineers with commitment in response time and problem solving, make Zion Tech Group the ultimate answer to the market of Information Technology.

We take care of your business and minimize the problems ensuring their full satisfaction in the fulfillment of its objectives perennial form.